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Solve your challenge to reach a high service level

In customer oriented organizations a high service level is crucial. For the image of your organization, for the desired high throughput speed of all customer interactions and in the end an efficient servicedesk and a happy customer.
uCallManager Desktop
uCallManager Desktop

Solve the complex challenge to operate your 24/7 multi-lingual service and support desk

Being able to help and support your customers, sometimes all around the globe, can be a challenge when it comes to costs and finding the right resources. That requires tools and services like real time translation, automated services and efficient skill based routing.

Solve any inefficient way your people communicate

An average organization can easily use up to 10 different communication systems. E-mail, chat, web chat, phone, multiple instant messaging clients, conferencing systems and more. How do you keep track of all those channels, how do you create integrated insights. Solve this major challenge by using the integrated options of the uCallManager ecosystem. 

uCallManager Reporting mobile